Friday, December 26, 2008

The Beginning of Our Sick Christmas Journey

Like Gant said in a previous post, two Sundays ago I woke up with a bad cough and fever. Little did we know that this would turn into a major ordeal. You see, that following Monday we were to hop in the car with Aunt Ashey and Maggie to spend a week with Gandma and Papa in Birmingham. Monday came and I was a lot sicker. My fever was high and my cough was worse. Ashey was to arrive at 12:00ish. From 7:00-12:00 we had to get ready, finish packing, go to the doctor, and pick up a few items at CVS and Walmart for Daddy since he would be on his own til Saturday. And I was one sick little puppy as Mommy put it. The morning was rough as Gant screamed and I whimpered through Mommy getting ready. Luckily the nurse said we could come on up at 9:30. Upon arriving, Gant was fussy (no nap yet) and I was pitiful. They listened to my chest and took my temp. Oh and they weighed me in at a whopping 22 pounds still. I had no infections...good, yes...but that meant there was no medicine to help me. I had to work it out on my own...with the aide of Mommy of course. But Mommy decided we would still head to Bham with Aunt Ashey. Ashey arrived and brought me Zaxby's...I loved it. Then, after eating Ashey and Mommy spent over an HOUR (at least) putting mine and Gant's seats in her car. I whimpered as I was handed back and forth between Ashey and Mommy. Gant got to nap. My eyes were pouring water, my nose was pouring snot, and my face was burning hot. My voice was practically gone. Finally, the car seats were in. Gant was up. We loaded into the car: me, Mommy, Ashey, Gant, Maggie, two suitcases, lots of presents, Maggie's paraphanela, a Wii, and Ashey's computer. These pictures explain it best. Gant got a kick out of Maggie staring him in the face. They became good friends. So, finally, we were on our way, and what a sight we were. I must say, that was the worst trip of my short little life. I coughed, then cried for at least fifteen minutes after each cough. Then, Gant had a meltdown halfway there. It was a troublesome ride. Mommy has never seen me so sick. Thankfully, a few days later things started looking up and my cold began to ease up, although I still have a bit of a cough and a yucky nose. Unfortunately, I passed it on to Gant who's still battling it, but we'll get to his pitiful pictures later. First, we have a week's worth of Bham photos to post. Those will be coming shortly.