Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We got it documented. . .my first cup of hot cocoa. It was "tasty" as I like to say. When Mommy eats something I sometimes ask, "Mommy, is it tasty?" while nodding my head as it's cocked to the side. And this, this was definitely tasty. Mmmm. I even got to drink out of a big girl cup. Well actually it was Gant's big boy cup but he can't use it for awhile so I can use it for now. My favorite part of the hot chocolate, other than drinking from a big boy cup, was the marshmallows. They were definitely tasty. I can't wait for another cup of this tasty drink!


Grandmam said...

Hannah, You make that hot Chocolate look so good, I think that maybe I might have to go and fix me a cup. It is good growing up to be such a big girl isn't it?
I will see you tomorrow.
Love, Grandmama