Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally, My Turn

I finally got my turn in front of the tree. It seems that because I'm little I don't get to join in the decorating fun. Hopefully next year. But Mommy did allow me to sit in front of the tree for some memorable moments. And yes, I'm wearing a snowman sweater. Sheesh, a little embarrasing. Where's my camo? Where are my sport shirts? Oh well. I most admit, I do find the snowman quite charming...just don't share that with anyone. I enjoyed my special tree time. The lights are amazing. The tree feels a little funny. And the ornaments, oh boy, I can't wait til I can get my hands on those. I see LOTS of balls. Wow, just think what I could do with those. If only I could get to them on my own. I'm already mapping out my plan for next year.