Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gettin' Some Love

I love being held. Yes, if Mommy could hold me every minute of the day, I would be so happy. But, that just can't happen. However, it can happen if we're around a lot of family and friends and if I'm in the mood to be held by someone other than Mommy (which is becoming more rare these days). I did get me some lovin' from Grandmama at Thanksgiving. I gave her a hard time for a bit but there were moments of sweetness as well. There's just something about my Mommy these days that makes me want to ALWAYS be by her side. I heard Hannah went through this as well. But there's hope. Now, when we go see our grandparents Hannah wants nothing to do with Mommy. Give me several more months...then I'll be brave enough to breakaway from Mommy. For now though, I'm perfectly content to get most of my lovin' from Mommy.