Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Pamper Points and Free Potty Training Kit

Hi friends,

Today I stumbled upon a GREAT blog...Money Saving Methods: For those of you who use Pampers Gifts to Grow rewards she has 14 points to enter! Also, while you're at Pampers Village you can sign up for a free Potty Training Kit. Hannah will be starting that SOON so I thought I would get her one. But check out her site...she has a lot of useful tools on saving/earning money.



LB said...

what are pamper points?

Jessica Harman said...

they're great...each pack has a sticker inside with a code. You go to their website and enter them in. You can get gift cards, pampers, photo gifts, toys, and other rewards with them. I got a photo calendar for my mom for Christmas with I'm working on some more for another gift down the road.