Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Morning

Well, this was my first Christmas. I didn't feel good, but after several saline drops, the dreaded nose bulb, followed by numerous wipes with Kleenexes and some special lovin' from Mommy I got to enjoy my new toys that morning. I don't really know why they were there but I won't complain. I especially loved my new ball and bat Mommy and Daddy got me. Finally, some boy toys around here! Actually, Hannah really enjoyed my toys too. After much coaxing from Mommy, Hannah finally got excited about her dollhouse. That was her big present this year. She's been playing with it ever since. As for me, I have been busy practicing my mad ball skills while also brushing up on my carpentry skills with my new tool set. Maybe Papa and I can get to building something soon now that I have my own tool bag! How 'bout it Papa?


tanya Robertson said...

Hey! I had that same "Let's Go Fishing" game! I loved that thing! :)