Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Lately, when Mommy lays me down for my nap I just crawl right back up to a seated position. . . well, sometimes...when I'm in no mood to nap. This would be one of those days. Mommy tries to get me in the mood by hanging a blanket on my back. Sorry Mommy, that doesn't help. Then comes Hannah, surely Hannah will break me free. There is a short glimmer of hope that immediately vanishes upon realizing this isn't about me but about her. She just wanted to see me in my crib. She did hand me a bottle of ketchup (play that is). But there's not much I can do with a fake bottle of ketchup. If it were real, well, then I could get out. I'd just squirt that sucker all over my crib and Mommy would have to get me out. But this was beginning to look hopeless. And hopeless it was. Not only did Mommy take back the fake ketchup bottle, but she and Hannah left the room while I sat here. Alone. Waiting for someone to break me free.