Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Am I Going to Do with Her?

That's right...this is the work of my sister, Hannah. You see, she took advantage of Mommy being in the kitchen for a few minutes. She seems to think that makes her my supervisor. And, if she's my supervisor she has free reign on what she can do to me. Like this, for example. She thought it would be funny to put a purple basket on my head while Mommy was away. This is how Mommy found me when she returned. Okay, I must admit, it was a little bit funny. But after several more attempts to get this thing to stay on my head I had had enough. Mommy, can you please let Hannah know that this is unacceptable?


Grandmama said...

Watch out Grant, it looks like your sister is trying to make you a basket case. I love you so just hang in there. Grandmama