Friday, January 02, 2009

My New Kitchen!

Papa is such a handyman! For Christmas he made me this pink kitchen! Oh boy, I love it! We couldn't take it back with us though because it wouldn't fit in our car. But, Gandma and Papa came to see us the other day and brought it! It's in my room and I just love to play in it! I make Mommy french fries (my favorite) and make her eat them with a "poon." Mommy tries to do it with her hands but it's more sanitary and lady like to eat them with a "poon." I also enjoy putting my "peoples" in there. It's like a big house in the oven and under the sink! Thanks Gandma and Papa! I'll be sure to have Mommy take some pictures of me playing with it in my room!


LB said...

this is great! I love it.

Tutti said...

That is an amazing kitchen! Your grandkids will be playing with that one.