Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting in on the Action

Grant can't have all the fun! Once he arrived at his stop, my room, I decided it was my turn to take a ride on the Hamper Express. Except, this time it wouldn't move. Mommy said it had to unload its goods before it returned to the station, aka, the laundry room. So, I decided to at least take a dip in the mounds of clean clothes. Yes, I just soaked in the fresh scent, well, the clean scent, well, really it had no scent because Mommy bought the scent free, dye free stuff. But you get the point. Some kids like to jump in a pile of leaves, me, I like to jump in a pile of my clean clothes. It's a delight. And a delightful time I had. Until I realized the other toys that surrounded me. And so, I stepped off the Hamper Express to pursue other activities that would challenge me and bring me joy as well. More on that in the next post.


LB said...

What is it about the grocery store that brings out the worst in our children? (And in me!) I had another bad experience in Publix this morning, but this time it was because the cashier was accusing me of copying a coupon. It hurt my pride:) She was not a typical Publix cashier. I was so frustrated, but the manager told her I could use the coupon. It was a Rite Aid $5/$25.