Friday, January 09, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think....I'll Take a Break

This crawling thing is harder than it looks. Finally, I can now get up on all fours and even rock back and forth. So, shouldn't I be crawling? I rock and rock and rock and rock...just waiting for it to happen. Back and forth, back and forth...surely I'm reved up enough. Sometimes I rock so much that I spit up...just too much action on this sensitive stomach. What am I missing here? Mommy cheers and cheers so I must be doing something right. Well, I can only endure so many rockings. What happens 100% of the time is collapsing back to my tummy in defeat. But, there's always a great toy just in reach to brighten my spirit and to help me relax and take a breather. And a breather I need. But don't give up on me. No sir, I'll be crawling before long. I can feel it in my bones! Oh and how do you like my hat?


Grandmama said...

Oh Grant, you are such a big boy and I just love your hat. I bet you will be crawling next time We come down to see you. I love you,