Friday, January 16, 2009

Hannah, The Comforter

I'm starting to take a liking to my role as big sister. At the beginning of this journey, I wasn't so interested...perhaps it was because I was still a baby myself. But, now that I've come of age, I've found it very rewarding to take care of my little brother. You see, if Mommy isn't around (you know just in the kitchen or something, don't worry she never leaves us alone alone), Grant is sad. He "cwrys." I've taken responsibilty during this time to comfort him. Just the other day he ws sad. I went in the room and put my arms around him. I said, "It's okay buddy, I've got chu." After which, I held on to him tightly and put on my serious face. For some reason, it didn't work as well when I did it. When Mommy does it, he usually stops. But not so much for me. I think he was just tired. I love you little buddy.


Learning as we Live said...

That is so sweet! Poor Grant-it looks like one of those holding his breath in between screams cries.