Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's park time again! The weather is warm and sunny. It's time to hit the playground. I'm much more excited about this now than I was several months ago. You see now Mommy will let me swing with Hannah. She even let me go down the slide all by myself (sort see, she had me sitting on the top. She turned away. I leaned forward, and....weeeee.....don't worry she got hold of me in time before I plumetted onto the wood chips below). The swing is my favorite though. There's nothing like the warm breeze hitting your skin while gliding through the air. Hannah, well, she's a pro. She likes to go high and fast. Me, I'm still enjoying a gentle push now and then. Even that takes my breath away a bit. Give me time, though. I'll be out swinging her before long.