Monday, March 02, 2009

Staying Put

Going outside on that warm day was quite the adventure for little ole me. I'm still new to the concept of grass. It's odd. It's pokey. It's not sticky but it still sticks to you. Hmm. I decided to stay put for the most part. . .I need to grow in confidence before I allow myself to let my guard down. Thankfully, Mommy reads minds. At least she did mine. Before I knew it there were balls all around me. My green ball. The pink ball. The Clifford soccer ball. I actually think Hannah helped. She was the mastermind behind bringing them outside. Then Mommy brought them right to my feet. I suppose it was a team effort. Thanks Hanny. I sure can count on you and Mommy to put me at ease and to make life simple. This great big world can be quite intimidating to such a young buck like myself.