Sunday, March 01, 2009

Some Not so Wintery Fun to Warm You Up

Hi, as you can tell these pictures were definitely not taken this weekend! But, being the slow folks we are, these are still two or three weekends ago! Our hopes are that these will warm your spirits as you anticipate sunnier and warmer days! On that warm Saturday, in addition to Wheely Bug riding and dog walking...I enjoyed playing with Grant's train, the balls, and just my buddy Grant. I do enjoy Grant a lot. In fact, just today I asked Mommy to see if Grant wanted to play with me in Daddy's closet. Other things we enjoy doing together include crawling, pulling (well actually I am the only one who can pull...but Grant loves watching) his alligator xylephone down the hall, taking stroller rides with me pushing, and playing a very rivoting game of peekaboo. I think we're gonna be best buds. I love you buddy!