Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Day After

The day after the big snow Mommy took me back outside while Grant napped. That meant I had to be bundled up. Coming from the south, you don't really have a need for gloves and such. So, Mommy improvised and layered my hands with socks. Yes, socks. They did keep my hands warm and dry for the most part. When we made it outside I noticed that the snow wasn't so soft. It was like ice. I love ice. So, I did what any ice-loving girl would do, I ate it. And, I shared it with my snowman. I figured, he's made out of ice, I'm sure he'll like it too! And he did. I shoved it right in his face. It stayed there.


Groovers said...

that's so cute :) Savannah would be jealous, she's got a weird thing for putting socks on her hands, haha!