Friday, March 06, 2009

No Biggie....

I heard Nascar doesn't allow Wheely Bugs to race. No biggie, I've got a back up plan and it just so happened that plan was at the park. I just hopped in this yellow taxi cab to get some experience behind the wheel of a car. Danica, you can't get me off your back that fast. I've got connections. It felt great to feel the breeze dance through my hair as I hit the road (well actually I didn't hit the road...I just rocked back and forth...but whatever). As I was crusin' along, an idea hit me...just like the idea to form the Chub Club years ago. But, this is different. I'm thinking about a Nasbug. Yes, Nascar for Wheely Bugs. It would be great. I can picture it now. Thousands of bugs lined up ready to race. Then, BANG! Thousands of little feet are off...pushing their Wheely Bug to its limit. It would invigorating...and more environmentally exhausts polluting our air. Green Racing. Yes, I think I'm on to something.