Sunday, January 30, 2011

Operation Bedtime Star Update

Mommy asked us to give you an update regarding Operation Bedtime Star. Grant and I would call it a success. Since the program was implemented I have yet to get out of my bed or call for Mommy. Okay, there was that one episode last night when I had to go to the bathroom. I always like Mommy to accompany me. She gave me the okay.
Grant had a rockier start. The first night he was out of his bed twice. The second night once. Then the past three nights he's stayed in his bed and remained quiet. Well, last night he did cry out and stood by his bed for fear of losing his sticker if he moved any farther away. Mommy was gracious and didn't take his sticker away for that night. So, I'm just waiting on Grant to get one more sticker (hopefully tonight) so we can have popcorn and watch a movie tomorrow during naptime. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
As for Kate, I think she's trying to earn stickers too. She's been sleeping better and better. Why, last night Mommy said she went seven and a half hours straight and she didn't even have to cry it out at all. I don't know that she could last a whole movie though and I hear popcorn isn't the way to a baby's heart. Maybe some good ol snuggle time will do.


Jess said...

What a great idea!!! So proud of you Hannah and Grant!

The Noonan's said...


travelingstacey said...

That's a great idea, Jessica! : )

Courtney said...

so glad you're getting some more sleep, yay!