Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mommy's Moment: You've Gotta Love this Guy

Grant. What can I say? He is one of a kind. For those staring at the above pictures, yes, I'm well aware it appears he has a droopy eye. Thankfully, I can chalk it up to the goggles. How could I not share it? It's funny and well, so is he. He makes me laugh so much. I think he will be the comedian of the family. So, this post I dedicate to Grant. My funny little man. His antics are quite amusing, even if at times they could be potentially harmful. Like today, for example (I know that's not a complete sentence and many of my sentences aren't but just roll with me). I'm picking out the new Yoplait smoothies from the freezer at Publix (by the way you can grab two for $.17 a pop). In the background I hear, "Mommy, look what Grant's doing," from none other than the always informative Hannah. I turn to see my 2 1/2 year old licking the freezer doors. And we're not talking little licks here, we're talking long, tongue pressed flat against the freezer kind of licks. I tried to act horrified (there was a Publix worker near by) as I abruptly told him to stop. But, as I turned I couldn't hide my smile. But, again, to sound "in control" I reprimanded Grant as the Publix stocker walked by. So perhaps he'll get sick in a few days by allowing thousands of germs to enter his body (but not the flu thanks to the trusty shot this year) but at least it provided a good laugh in the process.

While we're on the subject of Publix and funny man Grant, here's another one: the kids love to weigh the produce. So, if I'm in somewhat of a patient and good mood I'll let them weigh the fruit we buy. However, Grant has no clue that we are weighing the fruit. Nope. He thinks we put it in there to WAVE at the fruit. So, there's my little guy enthusiastically waving at the scale until the produce comes back out. I must admit, sometimes I just allow them to do it so I can laugh at Grant. Bless his heart.
What little brother doesn't look up to his older sister? Grant loves Hannah (most of the time) and mimics all she does. And that doesn't stop when it comes to ballet. Grant knows how to do (phonetically spelling here) an ashape better than Hannah. When asked if Grant wants to go hunting with Daddy he replies, "No, it's yucky." I'm sure in 5 years he'll be humming a different tune. . .and it won't be to the music in a ballet studio.
As I was putting on my new necklace (my only necklace...accessorizing has taken a back seat during these early days of motherhood) Grant complimented me. He said, "Mommy, that looks coot." He's my gentle little soul who also can melt your heart.
And now, what was supposed to be more of a witty post chalked full of Grantisms I've drawn a blank...exactly why I want to write posts like help me remember. I didn't realize how quickly you forget things as a parent. I can't remember which of our kids used to say "daddy 2 daddy," a phrase we'd laugh at often. I can't remember what Hannah sounded like at Grant's age. . .until I look back on video tape. And heck, I can't remember the funny things Grant said two days ago. All the more reason to write it down...and hopefully to entertain other people out there while doing it.
Oh and check out the frog sweatshirt, a must have in Grant's wardrobe. In fact, it's getting a bit snug but we still force it on. He resembles somewhat of a marshmallow but in his mind, he's a good looking, frog wearing marshmallow.


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