Sunday, January 02, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

Christmas week continued with gingerbread houses. Once again, I, Kate, missed out. Too busy napping, I allowed the fun to carry on without me. However, our buddies: Emma, Shiloh, Eli, and Mrs. Laura did not. They joined in on the fun. And it sure did look like fun. Man, being small sometimes, you just don't get to do as much. Granted, my hand-eye coordination isn't so good so I'm not too sure how I would have faired placing those small little pieces of goodness on the house. I'm going to have to work on that this coming year. Perhaps that will be my New Year's Resolution: improve my hand/eye coordination. If I pull through on this one that will mean less facial scratches. These days my wayward hand often grazes my face. What's left? A nasty scratch. This also could be avoided if Mommy would cut my fingernails more often. Perhaps that could be Mommy's New Year's resolution. If my hand/eye coordination improves, it also could mean that I may actually get a thumb into my mouth. And that rattle, that rattle that Mommy keeps showing me, well perhaps I can do more than just gaze at it. The possibilities are endless on this one. Anyhoo, check out these gingerbread houses...they're awesome...especially when you're wearing a princess dress.