Monday, January 10, 2011

The Great Ice

It seems "The Great Snow" has become "The Great Ice." At least in our backyard. Our dreams of snowmen, snowballs, and snow angels have to wait. Instead, our feet crunched through a couple inches of ice. But, we didn't mind. Nope. Because you can still eat ice. That's right. Grant and I ate the ice. It seems Mommy thought it was okay to do. However, not all mommies think alike. I wondered if Mommy was embarrassed when my neighbor friend's mommy gave an adamant "no, that's gross" response when her daughter asked. I didn't tell her we gave her the idea. For Mommy's sake. Grant and I crunched our way through several chunks of it. Delicious. We also attempted sledding down our hill. It didn't work too well unless Mommy was pulling us. She did. Once. I tried. Once. It seems 30 lbs. can't pull too much weight. It was fun trying though. So, even if we didn't have true snow, we enjoyed the ice. And probably will be for the next couple of days!


Jess said...

Hey, if it is white, the guys in this house will try to play in it!!! Your neighborhood ice looks YUMMY! Fun pics.

Grandmama said...

I am so glad that you were able to get out and play for awhile in the ice/snow. Grandaddy and I are not going out . It is just to cold for us. Have fun!

Mary said...

I laughed out loud at this...I too am guilty of looking the other way while Abbie chomps on ice, and even sticks some in the freezer for a snack later!