Saturday, January 29, 2011

Half of my Whole

As I write this, I'm struggling with something. A nap without a blankey. Not just any blankey though, MY blankey. You see, he's my life. And without him, well, life is hard. Sucking my thumb without "blankey boy" is wrong. Just. Plain. Wrong. But, he has to take a bath. Let me advise any blankey lovers out there not to spill grape juice on their's. Nope. Especially at lunch time...too close to nap time. It seems his baths take longer than mine. So I wait. Not so patiently. I am asking Mommy quite frequently where he is. I'm supposed to be sleeping but how can one sleep when half of his whole is missing?


Mary said...

Blankey really is half of his whole, isn't he. A boy and his blankey should never be apart, just ask Matthew ! : )

Jess said...

Poor Grant! I know he was glad to have his whole self back!!!