Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas Eve

Well, here we are at Christmas Eve and I, Kate, am again absent from most pictures. The day was a busy one from what I can tell. Mommy, Hannah, and Grant made the birthday cake for Jesus. I slept. Then, after awaking Mommy took us to eat lunch with her good old friend, Marla. That was fun. The most fun was the fact that Truett's Grill has special seats just for babies like me who roll in style in their car seats. After a fun lunch we returned home. I slept. When I awoke it was time to go to church. I disappointed Mommy. I pooped through two, yes two, of my Christmas outfits. My only Christmas outfits. So, needless to say, I arrived at church less festive than anticipated. After church we ate at our friends' the Roberts house. Upon arriving home Hannah and Grant got to open our group present. It seems Mommy wasn't thinking too much about me when getting this gift. Why? Well, one, it says for ages 3 and up. Two, it has small parts to it. And three it's a game that requires being able to sit up, use your hands (hence my great need to build up my hand/eye coordination), and count. So, I ate while Hannah and Grant opened OUR present and then preceded to play the game with Daddy. Oh well, I hear each Christmas gets better with age.


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