Thursday, May 19, 2011

Christmas Challenge

Christmas Challenge 2011 is on! Several days ago I earned a $15 credit to Zulily thanks to a friend who signed up under me and purchased something. So, I've been looking through the daily deals to see if anything caught my eye for my kids for Christmas. Honestly, the thought of "buying" more toys for my kids is a bit overwhelming. If you're anything like us, toys are beginning to take over our home. And, it seems that half the things I think they will LOVE, they never end up playing with. Instead they choose sticks, pillows, rocks, and whatever else they can find around the house that AREN'T toys. So, I'm trying to be wise with what I "buy." Well, today I did find something from International Playthings. It's an activity mat (like a tablecloth) with pictures, mazes, and other activities to do. You use washable markers and then after they're done, you wash it and you can do it again. My kids love coloring. What kids don't? It was regularly $30. It was on sale for $13.99. So, with my $15 (which can be put toward shipping too!) I purchased it. My grand total was $4.96. This will be under the tree for Hannah, but of course I'm sure she and Grant will both play with it. It's big enough for 6 kids. So, first Christmas purchase: check.

Total of $100 spent: $4.96

Total left: $95.04

If you are interested in signing up for Zulily (I really do love their site), then click my "Christmas Challenge" title. Then, ask your friends to sign up with you so you too can start earning some free $15.