Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where are the Cowboys?

No, we didn't move to Montana. I hear horses run rampant there. Nope. We drove right down the road. It was $5 horse ride night. It happened to be Grant's birthday night too.

So we saddled up.

And did a little ridin' the range. For those Backyardigans fans out there, have you seen that episode?

However, one thing was missing. Upon arriving I asked, "Where are the cowboys?" Of course this sent Mommy into song, "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" Whatever. Daddy informed us that these were cowGIRLS. They were missing their hats.

Nonetheless, we went with it. We rode those horses like we were pros. However, when Grant was asked if he'd like his horse to go faster, he replied with a clear and unapologetic, NO.

On the other hand, my horse did a little gallop and turn. I won't lie. I was a little scared.

But perhaps horses are in my future. It may be just the profession for me, jockeying. They like um little and well, I am little.

I wonder if they'd let me wear a cowgirl hat?


Grandmama said...

I loved seeing you and Grant riding the horses. You know that I had my own horse when I was a girl. That was a long time ago I might add. I am so glad thay you had the chance to enjoy the ride.