Sunday, May 22, 2011

Taking the Reigns

I've heard Mommy say more than once she hates the baby food stage. Well, I love the baby food stage. In fact, there isn't a food I've turned away. So, I thought I'd take it upon myself to help. You know, feed myself. I try to grab the spoon. I'm successful a lot. Then, I attempt to put the spoon into my mouth. I even graze the side of my face, like she seems to do, to get those extra chunks off. You know, put them where they need to go, my mouth.

Then, there are those times I'm not successful, meaning Mommy and I play tug of war with my spoon. Oh, Mommy, do you see how this is creating a bigger mess? Baby food slung more readily across the chair, floor, table, face, clothes, hands, etc.? If only you'd let me take the reigns. If only you knew my heart's desire to help. I think I could ease your frustration.

Nope, instead Mommy brought in a reinforcement, Hannah. Oh boy, that was a disaster. Stay tuned.

And yes, for those observant readers, my bib comes unhooked a lot. Mommy says I have a "girthy" neck.

No, I don't take steroids.