Saturday, May 21, 2011

Picture Time

I'm at a loss for words. Except, what was Mommy thinking? She drags us outside. Our animal chairs follow. Okay, I don't think they can walk. But, they were there. Somehow. And then, we come in.

Picture time.


Hannah was ready. Hannah is always ready. She strikes a pose on command. You can tell she's been trained. She's been doing this 4 1/2 years.

Grant, poor guy, got woken up from his nap. Dragged outside. And BAM! expected to smile on command.

Me, well, I was ready for my nap. However, I found out real fast that wasn't going to happen.

There she sits us. Mommy. On our respective animals.

Take one.

I can't sit. So, I'm given the alternative. Lie on the sheep. Great. Good. Just, don't ask Grant to hold my head. Nor Hannah to place her hand on my tummy as though the Heimlic was about to begin. Can you say, awkward?

Take two. Grant picks his nose. Really? Gross. Get me outta here! Hannah where are you?

Take thirty. Quit breathing in my face, the botha you. When did you last brush your teeth?

Take...uh...lost count. Grant wake up...naptime was over an hour ago. Hannah, put your hands down. You aren't being arrested. I can't calm down because I still can't get over the boogers, bad breath, and head holding.

Mommy would have been better off taking pictures of our animal chairs. It seems they never stopped smiling the whole time.


Mary said...

SO funny!!! Love this one! And I love the new background, too, really cute.