Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Deep Breath

My friend, Laura Beth, inspired me to partake in "5 minute friday," a writing prompt started by The Gypsy Mama. The writer in me loves writing prompts. Each Friday she posts a prompt and encourages her readers to spend 5 minutes in response to that prompt. A bit stream of consciousness style. Love this idea. The prompt this Friday, Deep Breath.

Breathe in. Time has stopped. The kids are in bed. John is in bed. Life has stopped for just a few minutes. A few minutes to collect myself. To stop myself. To remind myself. To sort through my scattered thoughts.

It seems life moves full force, like a freight train. How did we get here? I looked at my husband the other night as we were eating. I looked at our three beautiful children. Then I asked, "How did we get here?" It seems just yesterday I was lacing up my running shoes and racking my hands, nervous for the race about to begin. Life was simple then. I didn't know it. But it was.

So I take a deep breath. Here I am. 15 years, one husband, and three kids later. The days move fast. The years, faster. All the more reason to take a deep breath. To stop before more time slips away. To breathe in and remind myself of my purpose, my roles the Lord has given me. To live each moment as a good steward with what the Lord has given me: a husband, a home, three children, a relationship with my King.

So tonight I am reminded to take a deep breath and to stop, to remind myself that life is not a race and to slow down in order to live purposefully this life the Lord has given me.


Diana Trautwein said...

Welcome to this fun family of 5 minute Friday folk. Nice thoughts, good words. Come back and play again next week. :>)

Mary said...

great post, so true!