Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Minute Friday: When Seasons Change

Today my son is three.

He came into this world with a bang. The labor was...well laborious. 9 lbs. 12 ounces of him. STUCK. No method of pushing could get that baby out. I screamed. A LOT. To the point where the nurse told me to quit screaming and start pushing. Evil eyes glared back at her. Had she ever had an almost 10 pound baby stuck in her pelvis? No amount of pushing was getting him out. It took a vaccum to get my baby out. I'm thankful for vaccums.

His entry into this world was indicitive of his personality. He's a firey guy. Passionate. But tender hearted. Our first few months, rocky. Too much sleeping. Too little weight gain. Okay, he lost weight. Quite the crier. For those faithful followers, the Walmart post should remind you. And when I say crier, I really mean screamer. Yes, he screamed bloody murder from the time we left the house until the time we got home.

Now, the season has changed. Those days of wracking hands over feeding, sleeping, screaming..have come to a close. Well, I'm still wracking my hands over feeding (he always asks to eat), and sleeping (he visits me in the middle of the night wanting to snuggle), and screaming (yeah, we're still working on that one, thankfully it's not when we're out and about).

But seasons have changed. He's a preschooler now. Babyhood. gone. Toddlerhood. gone. Preschoolhood. here we are. But soon to pass just as quickly as his first three years.

Life's seasons change all too quickly in this thing called motherhood. Just as I think I've got a handle on one season, BOOM, we're catapulted into the next. Sometimes I'm glad to be moved on to a new season, other times, I'm saddened. Too quickly my children grow. Too quickly they change. It's like they become a new person during each season, leaving behind who they were just a few short years ago.

But when seasons change, I am to be thankful. Thankful we made it to another season. Thankful for the precious time I had in the past and looking forward to the memories to be made in this season and the next.

So, Grant, happy birthday. I am embracing another season with you. A new season full of learning and growing. I'm saying goodbye to your toddler years and hello to these preschool years. You are a blessing in our life. Just as you are.


jackandellasmum said...

oh, so sweet. :) I had a big, stuck, laborious baby, too. hope this new season with him is full of joy (and long sleeps)!

sara said...

so sweet, jess. i DO remember the walmart post -- vividly. i am glad those days are behind you. it sounds like you're doing a good job of savoring the [good] moments but also celebrating the growth and changes that come with each approaching season. love you.

Bethany said...

That was beautiful! I hope he has a wonderful birthday party on Saturday. :)

Mary said...

Such a sweet post. I know how you feel...sometimes I just want to freeze time, stop the river...but I know time has to keep marching on, for the Lord's purposes to unfold. It is all so bittersweet!