Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christmas Challenge

Christmas Challenge 2011 continues. For those unaware of my new goal, I've alloted myself $100 total to spend on our three kids' Christmas. Today, I spent $2.93 to purchase the above Pillow Pets (though I don't think this is the NAME BRAND but they're still cute) for Hannah and Grant. This is a perfect gift for them because they love pillows...come see my living room floor in the middle of the day. It's a pillow extravaganza. And they love stuffed animals. Okay, I can't stand stuffed animals but this, I figured, could stay on their beds since they are also pillows. I may regret this purchase in the future.

So, they were regularly $20. On Zulily, they were on sale for $11.99. I had $30 store credit thanks to friends who have signed up through me. So, that left me a total of $2.93 to pay out of pocket. The great thing about Zulily is that your store credit also can be used toward your shipping. Love this.

If you haven't signed up for Zulily, you can sign up under me
It's a great website that has sales each day on a variety of items from kids clothes to toys to maternity clothes.

So, as far as my Christmas Challenge are the totals:

Total of $100 spent: $7.89
    Total remaining: $92.11
 Total gifts bought: 3


Mary said...

Rock on, Jess! So awesome!