Thursday, June 09, 2011

Soul Sister

Soul sister.

That's how I feel at least.

My hankerchief hat makes me feel soulful.

I guess.

Is that the right word?

I mean, it's stylish. That's my only reason in wearing it. I suppose the real reason is to keep your hair out of your face. However, my hair is short. Super short. For the moment.

Just call me Soul Sister then. Or is it Soul Sista?


Oh and don't worry about the Tylenol. . .or Triaminic as Tylenol is still off the shelves. I simply enjoy chewing the squirter. It's good for the gums. The teething gums.


Jenny said...

Emily's favorite toy? Her Tylenol bottle. I gave her one that was empty and it's been her fave chewing/teething toy!