Monday, June 06, 2011

Homeschool Diaries and One Thousand Gifts 81-90

Homeschooling continues...

The Good GREAT: today Hannah read a book. Of course, I sat alongside helping her here and there, but overall, she was able to decode and recognize her sight words with little prompting. I was proud. And, so thankful I got to witness it on my own. She's using Bob Books and I'm already a big fan.

I've slowly been regaining some of my teacher confidence also. 5 years out of practice has made me a little rusty, but slowly it's all coming back to me and I've begun to venture out a little bit more on my own. I created a graphic organizer for Hannah a couple of weeks ago. I wrote four familiar words from our word family charts. I had her read them. Then, she drew a picture. My reasoning behind it was to see if she could recognize the words out of the "chart" context. She did.

As I've witnessed Hannah start the reading process I've felt priviledged. I am thankful I've gotten to experience this first hand and as a result, have grown in loving homeschooling. What a treasure to witness my child's eyes open up with excitement as the Lord opens her eyes to His world He's created.

The Bad: time management continues to haunt this list. How do I get it all done? I want to be diligent in teaching my kids but it is HARD. We are on letter K. My goal is to finish the alphabet by the end of August. And now that the pool is open I am trying to juggle pool time with learning time. Yes, we will continue school time through the summer...another perk to homeschooling I suppose.

The funny: listening to my kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance. "And to the publix..." Yes, we're big fans of Publix!

And, with my homeschool update...I am also prompted to add to my One Thousand Gifts list..

#81: getting to witness Hannah read her first
book and seeing the excitement in her eyes. 

#82: bathtubs that turn into castles and
blankets that turn into tents, all done
in the name of imagination

#83: trials from the Lord that keep us from
getting too comfortable in this world and create in us a greater longing for

#84: three kiddos splashing with delight in
the tub

#85: Kate sitting up...means more managable
pool time and bath time

#86: a bag full of teaching materials given to
me by a friend

#87: another lead for John's business

#88: fresh sheets just out of the dryer

#89: a FINALLY clean kids' bathroom

#90:    Me: what can we pray for tonight?
     Grant: Daddy asked me to pway for his
        Me: do you want to?
     Grant: yes.
And he did.


travelingstacey said...

LOVE the look of your blog! So cute! The great thing about homeschooling is that you can make your own schedule...and you're probably doing well to be inside in the hottest months! You'll still have lots of warm weather in August and on...probably until November! lol That's awesome about Hannah reading a book! I'll have to check out Bob's books...I haven't heard of those! You're doing a great job, Jessica!

Courtney said...

amen and amen! and I was just gonna do a blog post about how I LOVE teaching Savannah how to read. I really can't imagine someone else doing that - it is such a JOY to be a part of that in her life. SO MUCH FUN!!! love you :)

Mary said...

How exciting!!!! It is SO fun to see them catch on to learning something new, it is as much a part of watching them grow as the first steps or first word, and I can't imagine having to miss it! It is such a privilege.