Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I get around. In fact, there's rarely a moment I'm sitting still. No, I'm not crawling yet. However, I've managed to still get what I want. Just like the dancers on "So You Think You Can Dance" make up new dance forms such as "whipping," I've made up my own form of crawling called, "rullching." It's a form of rolling and pulling and reaching. Sure to be a hit.

Let me elaborate. You just roll, then stretch your arms as far as you can as though you were pulling on a rope and propel your body in the forward motion. These three vital moves complete the rullching phenomena. Who knows, it may be showcased on your favorite dancing shows next year.

Rullching allows me to grab my favorite things such as that red guitar. Sure, it's fallen on my head A LOT, but that's okay. I don't cry. Instead I take it with me to my favorite spot, under the swing. You see, my family thinks I accidentally end up here. However, that's not the case, at all. Through rullching, I intentionally end up here so my over zealous sister doesn't bother me. Sure, she means well, but sometimes I don't want to take a ride on that flotation device. Nor do I want to have her scream in her enthusiastic voice right in my face. It gets old. So, I take my guitar and rullch on over to where I can enjoy it in peace. Do you see my face? Does it look like I'm unhappy here? On the contrary, this is my happy space.

Rullching also comes in handy when I go for my other favorite toy, the ball. After I grab it I do all sorts of exercises with it. It works the abs, buns, and thighs. And you wonder why I'm so girthy? 

Finally, the last way I'm on the move is not due to rullching. No, it's due to my favorite contraption. The jumper. And here, I will admit, I enjoy the input of my sister. Of course I enjoy the bouncing aspect, however, what I am enjoying more is the high paced swinging that goes on thanks to my sister. Yes, she understands the dare devil in me. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy sometimes play referee and make Hannah tone it down. Yet, it's not due to my lack of enthusiasm. No sir, I'm all smiles and squeals as my jumper turns into a blazing rocket reaching lengths only known to motorized vehichles. 

As for Grant, well he enjoys a good Stomp session while watching...check out his moves! He's really getting his groove on in that one photo. Perhaps in 12 years he will be gracing the stage of your favorite dance show to showcase his stomping...and I wouldn't be surprised if Rullching was there too. Just remember where you saw it first.


hapi said...

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Courtney said...

I as just laughing hysterically at this post, trying not to wake up my kiddos from nap. So funny!! :)