Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And Who are YOU?

Well, as you see I have a new friend. Lately I have been noticing her when mommy gets me up from naptime or bedtime. She always sits so still on the bed in my room. Curious as to who she is, I have been reaching out to her, literally, and making sounds to ask her who she is. However, I get nothing. I've asked her her name, her favorite color, where she grew up, and how she got here. Still, nothing. So today mommy pulled her down for me and explained to me that this used to be her doll when she was little. Grandma and Papa brought it back for her when they went to Switzerland one time. Oh yeah, she got one for Aunt Melissa and Aunt Ashley too. And guess what, they picked them out based on their resemblance to mommy and my aunts. Anyways, here are some shots of our first "official" encounter. Overall, I think it went really well.

Your Hands Look Just Like Mine

Well, you seem to be okay...I mean your hands are just like mine. Well, except that they don't move really. Hmm. You may need my help around here. Good thing mommy is handing you over to me. I don't think she took GREAT care of you because I also notice cat vomit on your dress (yes folks, I said cat vomit. Mommy "forgot" to get a picture of her beautiful stained dress. She tells me their cat B.J spewed on her one day when she was a little girl. If you ask me, it boils down to neglect). Trust me pal, I won't let that happen to you (and it really helps that we don't own a cat...but I won't mention that to her).

We'll Get Along Just Fine

Hey there dollie! Give me a high know why? Because I think we will get along just fine...the two of us. I'll show you all my tricks...I think I may have some that mommy didn't show you when she was little. And maybe one day I can aspire to have such beautiful hair like you. Okay? You stick by my side and we'll be just fine! If you need anything just holler, because, remember, I know where to find you!

I'm Ten Months Old Today!

Today, July 25, 2007, I, Hannah Harman, am 10 months old! So long single digits...hello double! Can you believe I am so close to a year old? And guess what I found out....I'm going to get one of those birthday parties! Won't that be fun? But not yet. No, I'm not quite there yet. Until then, we just celebrate in our hearts these monthly birthdays. So take a good look at me. This is my official ten month old shot. I've come a long way baby! (Oh yeah, check out my cool cherry suit! Grandmama got this for me! I just LOVE it! It fits perfectly! I think this is my THIRD cherry outfit! And they always come from my grandmas! I guess they really think I will like cherries! But from the looks of these outfits...I think I will! Thanks Grandmama!)

Feeding Time with Mommy

Here we and mommy...just enjoying some grub. Well, mommy isn't really because she doesn't eat baby food...but I do! This was just a lazy Sunday afternoon. Nothing too exciting going on to write about. Sunday I think I will have something to write about because I am getting to see Grandma and Papa and then we get to finally meet Savannah Groover and Esther Watkins! I think it will be a busy day...I'll be sure to get some pics!

Me and Dawn

So here is another picture from Mrs. Tanya's shower last Saturday. This is Mrs. Dawn...mommy's good buddy. I really like her! We went to eat at Pizza Hut with her and her husband, Mr. Zac. It was great! I sure hope we can hang out again soon. . .and I really can't wait to meet their little baby one day. Remember, I told you she is pregnant? I hope it's a girl! But of course I will be thrilled to have a boy buddy too!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Baby Shower

So here we are at a baby shower mommy and her good friend Maureen threw for their good friend Tanya! It was a BLAST! These are all good friends of mommy's from college. Remember Anna? She came too! And of course her mommy Mrs. Liz and my other new buddy, Mrs. Sarah! Who else is here, you ask? Well, there's Marci, Tanya's good friend (she's pregnant), then of course there is Mrs. Tanya in the beautiful blue shirt (Eli is hiding in her tummy), then of course there's Mrs. Sarah, Mrs. Liz with Anna, Mrs. Shannon (she's pregnant too! Little Davis is hiding in her tummy. He should be coming out soon too), then there's Mrs. Dawn (and guess what? guessed it...she's pregnant too!), then there's Mrs. Rosie and of course me and mommy! What a group!! We had a blast! We played funny games and Mrs. Tanya got great gifts. Eli is really lucky! Congratulations Robertsons! We can't wait to meet Eli! You guys will be terrific parents!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Places, New Faces

Well mommy and I had a little outing yesterday. We went up to Atlantic Station to meet with some of mommy's friends. And guess what? I made a new friend too! Here she is! Her name is Anna Brookshire. Oh and if you want to see more cute pictures of my new pal...just click on "The Brookshires" to the right and see what my friend Anna has been up to! Not only did I meet Anna but I met mommy's good friends from college, Sarah and Liz. She was right. They are super nice! Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of Mrs. Liz. She's Anna's mommy. That's Mrs. Sarah with the three of us! She's great! Next time though we have to get Mrs. Liz in the picture..she's great too! I just wonder why mommy didn't get us together sooner! And we met at a new place for me...Moe's! Who knew they were so friendly there! They say "Welcome to Moe's" every time someone comes in (but most of ya'll probably already knew that). Now, I think that's pretty nice. Don't you? Mommy says she and daddy really like to eat there. Can't wait til I can try me some Moe's! Although, I do recall some tex-mex going into mommy's tummy the day before I was born. A lot of people didn't think that was such a good idea! I didn't mind though! Overall we had a great time. I was just sad to go. I think Anna and I can be great friends!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Trend Setter

Look what happens when you can't do your own hair! Mommy thought she'd have a little fun with my growing locks by sticking them straight up. And to make matters worse she did it with a clip...not a trendy bow! Hmmm....I'm not so sure about it. But what was so embarassing was the fact that she had to do it while we had company over. I mean, come on! Ellie must have thought I was a total dork! Luckily she didn't say anything mean to me. She just was a good sport and played with me. And by the way, that's a sign of a true friend. But, maybe I can set a trend with babies around the world. What do you think? Yeah, I didn't think so either! Hope you can get a good laugh out of it though...mommy sure did!

And Some More Feet

I guess mommy has a foot fetish because here is yet another picture of FEET...MY FEET. So, what can I say that hasn't already been said about my feet? They're cute? I think that depends though on who you ask. I mean, I know a lot of people who don't like feet. Well, actually I've heard of a lot of people who don't like feet (my friends base is still quite small since I am so young). But mommy thinks they're cute and that's why I am forced yet again to make a post. So enjoy my feet...and be happy you can't smell um!

Remember Hayden?

Hey, remember Hayden? Well, look how she's grown! She and I are good pals. In fact, Hayden and her mommy Mrs. Trista came to visit us last week. I showed Hayden all my cool toys and we went to the pool. We had so much fun! Ya'll should see her float! It is a rocket ship that makes noise! I showed her my beginning collection of Little People. She liked that. I told her she could play with them. I took some notes regarding all her skills. She's really good at pulling up on things and she has an excellent crawl. So I may surprise everyone and pull out some moves after I look over my notes. Thanks for coming Hayden! We need to do it again soon! Your pal, Hannah.

Put Me In Coach!

Now that I have the official Georgia Southern paraphanalia I think I am a step closer to joining the soccer team. Aunt Ash...when can I go in? Thanks so much for this super t-shirt. It fits great! So does this make me an official member of Georgia Southern? I'm working really hard on my kicks and I actually have a mean maybe goalie? I'll keep training and show you my moves next time you see me..then you can decide. I understand you have to go watch a lot of girls play before you decide on whether to take them or not. So I will be no special treatment for your niece. And for all you readers out there...while you're waiting for my big debut on the soccer field you can catch up on all your Georgia Southern soccer news by clicking the link to the right. What a great women's soccer coach they have! GOOOOO EAGLES!

Catching Up On Some Reading

Well, since my last post I wanted to update you on what I have been doing. As you can see, I have been catching up on some much needed reading. I've discovered new ways to decorate my room in the Southern Living magazine as well as glanced over some tasty dishes I think mommy would enjoy making (okay, okay...more like what I think I would enjoy eating). In addition to my periodical reading, I also caught up on my storybook reading. I discovered a new author I just enjoy so much, Eric Carle. I got this book this week and it helps me learn my colors. It is quite the innovative book as it has flaps. . .kind of like two pages on one page! What a neat idea! So that's some of what I've been doing since you last saw me. Perhaps I can start doing a book review each week for all my bookworm fans out there. I'll keep you posted! Until then, keep on reading those books!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Are YOU Doing in There?

So you see my stuffed beagle? Grandmamma got him for me. He's just my size and doesn't walk away when I try to pet him. But you see, there's a slight problem here. Emmett thinks it's his beagle! Now many of you have asked how Emmett is doing with me. Overall, he is doing quite well. Up until this point he has not bothered any of my toys, well except for when I was teeny tiny and he pee peed on my mat (sorry Aunt Melis and Uncle Sean...oh and Allie too...and most importantly..the new baby who is next in line to use it) and there is that time he chewed on a couple of my blocks...BUT...other than those isolated instances he has been just fine. Now, when I showed him my stuffed beagle something set him off and he thought it should be his. When none of us are looking he tends to sneak it away. Well mommy and daddy caught him one day sneaking him up the stairs (he got in trouble for that). And there are several other times he's tried to take him away. I think he just wants to be a daddy and this beagle is the closet thing to a child he will ever have. So, back to these photos (and sorry for the longwindedness of this blog). The other night we heard Emmett howling. We came into the den and lo and behold there was Emmett, howling at the puppy mommy put in my jumper. You wanna know what I think? I think a: he knew that was my jumper and the puppy was not supposed to be in it, therefore, Emmett thought it to be proper to get on to him or b: Emmett was afraid for the puppy's safety in the jumper and wanted him out immediately. Now, this is all speculation but that's what I think was going on here. If you want to see Emmett in action and hear him howling, something we are all to familiar with in this household, then go to the next post to watch the video. Oh Emmett, what will we ever do with you?

Crazy Emmett

While we know this blog is all about me...I wanted to give Emmett a little of the spotlight. Watch him in action howling at my little stuffed beagle puppy sitting in my jumper. See what mommy and I have to put up with every day?

Training For the Olympics

So check out this video of me and my Johnny out all you Olympians out there! Hannah Harman is coming your way!


So I really enjoy pointing my finger. In fact, I enjoy so much that I often naturally keep it in that position. Like while I'm jumping, for example. It feels so nice and I'm ready to point to mommy, daddy, Emmett, or anything that comes my way! There's nothing like being ready on a moment's notice!

Empathetic Emmett

Gosh, I really like Emmett. Here he is checking in on me while I do my daily exercise. He was wondering if I needed some water or anything. I think he knows how a good workout can make a dog or a baby quite thirsty. Isn't he swell? Thanks Emmett, you're a good friend!

Just Hangin' Around

Here are some more pictures of me in my jumper. I'm really starting to like this thing! It gives me such good exercise. It is definitely the next stage in my training. However, I'm not so sure how this will make me chubby but I am sure it will make me strong. So watch out Arnold Schwartzeneger (hey, I have no clue how to spell that)! Hannah Harman is pumping up!

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Growl

Hey, watch my special talent! I may not be able to walk, crawl, or stand...but I can do a mean growl. Mommy and daddy are so proud! Click on the little x to see me.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mom, Is That You?

Well, as you will see in the next post, mommy was taking some pictures of our feet. She had to get in a funny position to do it though. So, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. That's why I am peering over my booster seat. But everything was just fine. Mommy was just being silly I suppose!


Well, we all know that sometimes mommy gets in these moods where she likes to take some different kinds of photos. So here we are with our feet. Look how BIG mommy's feet are. I wasn't too sure that she should post these pictures for all the world to see. I mean, hello, a lot of people don't really care for feet. Babies' feet are okay. They're still cute. But big girl and boy feet...well...that may just be another story! But mommy insisted we post them. It does show just how dainty my feet are I suppose.

Daddy's LIttle Girl

So like my bib says, I am Daddy's Little Girl. In fact, we had some special one-on-one time yesterday morning while mommy and Mrs. Kim were running the Peachtree. We had a heck of a good time. You see, daddy was hoping for a little boy back when I still lived inside mommy but you know what...I can tell he is so thankful he got me instead! We have such a blast together. He often tells me when I get a little older he will take me to Chick-Fil-A to get some chicken nuggets and a milkshake. Won't that be fun? I guess it's a good thing I am getting these teeth. I'll definitely need those to chomp into the chicken nuggets. Well, I just love my daddy and I know he loves me so much too!

A New Trick and an Old Favorite

Well, yes, I am showing off again how much I love to wave. Sometimes I am bewildered as to why I am not often waved back at. However, mommy has informed me that some of the things I wave at are in fact inanimate objects (that's objects that aren't alive for those of you with a limited vocabulary). For example, I waved at a cross that hangs on our wall when I got up from my nap. I waved and waved at it but was disappointed not to receive a wave in return. So mommy kindly explained that not everything has life. I wave at Emmett alot though and wondered why he never waved back since indeed I know he is alive. But mommy then explained that Emmett doesn't have hands like we do. He has paws and it's hard for him to raise it up and move it in that manner. He might fall down she says. So, while I am a little disappointed at this knowledge, I feel better knowing I am not being rejected. I am sure if they had a heart or hands instead of paws they would be so happy to wave back.

Do you see my new trick? I LOVE to point now too. I actually learned this new move from my good friend Ellie who too loves to point. She is a little better at it than I but that's okay because she is a little older and has more experience in this department.

Another Trick

Look, I can stick my tongue out! Well, if I am to be honest...which mommy says I should...I wasn't really doing it to be silly. Like you saw earlier...I am getting my teeth so I like to rub my tongue over them. It's a new sensation. And mommy just happened to get a good shot of me doing it that made it look like I was sticking out my tongue. But either way...I feel as though all my loyal viewers would appreciate its silliness.

Check Out My Pearly Whites

Okay, we think you can see them a little better now. Look closely and you will see what looks to be two little white nubs...those are them. And they're actually not nubby at all. They are quite sharp! I guess they have to be to cut through my gummy terrain and eventually a good juicy steak! We'll continue to keep you updated on the progression of their debut. I know you just can't wait to hear more!