Monday, September 01, 2008

Look at What a Strong Neck I Have

I was trying to hold on as long as I could so Mommy could snap a shot of me holding my head up. I'm actually pretty good at it and this picture doesn't quite do me justice. Lately, when Mommy lays me in my bed I just prop up on my arms and take a look around before I hit the hay. Mommy is impressed at how physical I am. Hannah was the opposite. But I am also VERY

verbal. I coo A LOT. In fact, at Mommy and Daddy's bible study last night (I join them) I couldn't stop talking. I just kept on going through the whole lesson. I just have a lot to say! Oh and tomorrow I go to my weigh in to make sure I'm still gaining as I should. So we'll be sure to post an update. Maybe I can retake my position as the Chub Club's vice president soon. Oh and excuse the hair in this pic...I'm balding so it's quite the patchwork. I'm a little embarrased about it. Thankfully I'm not at the stage where it stays gone. Mommy tells me it will all grow back soon enough. Phew!