Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Before the Party

Finally, a month later, we're posting pictures from my "paw-ty." Here are some shots before my guests arrived. Let's first discuss my castle cake. We call it, the "Not for the Faint-Hearted Castle Cake." This castle is not for those princesses heavy on their feet. Balance and coordination are key when visiting this castle. Without these skills, one may find themselves falling over frequently. I would also like to note that I helped Mommy decorate this cake. My special job was attaching the marshmallows. However, shortly into my assignment Mommy caught me eating the marshmallows and throwing them at Grant (don't worry, he loves this and who wouldn't?). Therefore, my assignment was short-lived.
Secondly, let's talk about my picture with Mommy. For those of you who haven't seen Mommy in awhile, I'll answer that question that I know is burning your minds right now. No, Mommy has not joined the Women's Quad Weight Lifting Program nor is she preparing to become the World's Strongest Woman. We contribute this "hefty look" to the camera. However, rarely do Mommy and I get pictures together so we felt it appropriate to post it....awkward legs and all.
Thirdly, let's focus on my other picture with my grandmas. Aren't they great? It's so much fun to have one grandma visit me...but to have two at the same time...well that's beyond thrilling. Thanks grandmas for coming to celebrate my big day! They also played a vital role in the party agenda. Grandmama was the manicurist...she painted all of our nails while Grandma aided us in preparing the most bedazzling crown ever seen.
And finally, our last picture is the princess table, where we all gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to your's truly while enjoying the "Not for the Faint-Hearted Castle Cake." I felt honored. More photos to come later.


Groovers said...

yet another beautiful cake from you Jess, great job! and I have NO idea what you're talking about your legs, you're crazy! :)