Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Favorite Spot

This is where Mommy finds us. A LOT. Ever since they brought home the step stool from IKEA, Grant and I have been enamored by it's easy accessibility to the sink and all things on the sink. Our favorite item: the toothbrush. My have we explored with that toothbrush. And when I say that toothbrush, I'm actually meaning those toothbrushes. Notice the plural form. Yes, we've managed to appartenly ruin (according to Mommy) a couple of toothbrushes by swirling them around in the toilet. Then we put them in our mouths. It's water right? Grant has become well adept at this skill. Mommy even found me opening the toilet lid and pointing at it and saying, "there Grant." To which he quickly manuevered his hand into the toilet. Other points of interest in the bathroom? For Grant, the toothpaste. For me, toilet paper. In fact, today I managed to throw the whole roll into the toilet...on top of my pee pee. And while we're on funny potty humor I told Mommy today while she was wiping my bottom, "We don't eat poo poo." I thought she'd be proud of my statement. But instead she just laughed and said, "right." I also enjoy providing commentary while sitting on the potty. But we'll save those for another day. All in all, the bathroom is a very entertaining place, for children of all ages.


Grandmama said...

I suggest you give Grant a little hammer and see what wonders he can do for your Cabinet while in the bath room. Just ask his Daddy, I'm sure he can remember that trick.