Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wheely Buggin' It

Yes, that's me. On the Wheely Bug. Finally. And, I'm actually moving it. I've had a love hate relationship with my bee. Riding it didn't come naturally. I got sick of hearing how Hannah got the hang of it more quickly. And, I lashed out in anger at my bee. I pushed him. hard. I may have even thrown a punch or two in there. I know it disappointed Mommy. But, I never gave up trying to ride this guy. I saw the joy in Hannah's eyes as she sped down the sidewalk and finished with her signature spin. I wanted that. I was going to get it. And one day, I did. So, here I am in all my glory riding my Wheely Bug. Give me a few more weeks to work on my signature spin. You won't be disappointed.


Gormangirl said...

Is it bad that I'm jealous over Hannah's goloshes in this video? She is so stylish! I bet those have really come in handy these past few weeks! Keep up the good work with the cute kids and great blog!!!

Jessica said...

haha, thanks Shannon...they are her favorite..along with her pink boots!