Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mommy's Moment: While I'm Away

I'm glad Grant is finally at the stage where I can leave him out of my sight for a bit and know he is most likely okay. By okay, I mean, he's not tumbling down the stairs (as long as Hannah doesn't push him, and that, my friends, has happened), putting something way too small into his mouth, or stuck in precarious situation. This gives me precious time each morning to shower and get ready. Hannah and Grant are at the stage where they can entertain each other for awhile. I love it. However, this entertainment doesn't always come in the form of a genius idea, maybe for Hannah, but not for me. The pictures above only give you a taste to what I came out to after taking a shower. The house was a bit quiet. Grant hadn't made his usual visit to say hi while I was in the bathroom. And Hannah, well I had caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a plastic storage lid exiting our room under her arm a bit earlier. It hadn't returned. Thus, I figured it was time I went to check things out. What I found was an eager Hannah sitting on the plastic lid, that teetered over the edge of the first step. Her face, full of excitement as she anticipated the plummet down where she would be greeted by an almost naked Grant. No shirt. No pants. Just a diaper. And a big wide grin. What happened to his clothes? That remains a mystery. But what does seem rather clear is that they had created this genius game. Probably fun. I will admit. Probably dangerous too because it involves a newly three year old, a steep set of stairs and a 16 month old who thinks his nearly three year old sister is wise beyond her years. He complies with most of her "genius" ideas. Needless to say, mean old mom put a stop to this wild adventure and may be rethinking the idea that while she's away....the mice are okay.


Trista said...

Oh, I love this post. So funny and so well written!! I am so glad that we don't have stairs, because I KNOW that Little Layner would be the one at the top!!