Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My New Bed

You see my new bed? Mommy put a lot, a lot, a lot of thought into this bed as well as time and energy. There is quite a story behind this bed. You see, awhile back Mommy completed an online offer and received a $500 gift card to IKEA. Her goal was to get me and Grant a bunk bed. Someday we hope to add one more baby to this family so that means Grant gets the boot out of the nursery (like I did) and gets to move in with me. I can't wait. Seriously. I love that guy and I can't wait to share a room with him. But anyways, after receiving the gift card, Mommy discovered that she really didn't like ANY of the bunk beds at IKEA. And we were stuck. Mommy and Daddy really wanted to get a bed(s) because it was something we needed. Mommy tried to do a swap with Craig's List folks. No such luck. She thought about selling the card for cash. Never did. And finally, when she decided to grin and bear it and get a bunk bed from IKEA, the only one she would have considered buying was no longer available...EVER. However, she saw this beauty. And she saw that for the price of two, the IKEA card would cover it. AND, it came in a dark brown (her color of choice). And Mommy called to verify they had it in stock. So, that Saturday evening, Mommy, Grant, and I got in the car and followed Daddy in his truck to go pick up two beds at IKEA. We get there. Muddle our way through hordes of people who are clearly college shopping and we find the bed. We talk to a sales lady to see if we need a different number for the BROWN bed. Brown bed? We no longer carry this bed in brown...she informed us. Mommy's heart sunk (so I noticed). And there we sat. An ecstatic toddler excited about a new bed promised, a squirmy and somewhat whiny 1 year old, a disappointed mommy, and a "we're gonna get something because I didn't drive my truck up here for nothing," daddy. Mommy and Daddy contemplated for a LONG time on what to do. Finally, the decision was made, two white beds it would be (you see Mommy didn't want a white bed in the first place because she didn't think it to be too manly...however a few weeks after this she was happy to find a boy/girl room pictured in the Pottery Barn catalog that showed white beds..EUREKA). We still had around $30 to spend. Mommy and Daddy said we would spend it now because they were not coming back up here. Who would have thought spending $30 would be so hard? It was. After another hour passed we were finally making it down to the pick up place with two step stools for me and Grant, 7 glasses, and a roll of wrapping paper. Yes, we bought wrapping paper at IKEA. We finally arrive to pick up our beds only to discover they are plum out of the WHITE beds. What?! I could tell Mommy was holding back some choice words. She had had it. And so, 3 hours after arriving at IKEA, one hour past our bedtime, an hour away from our house, we left IKEA with one step stool (we put one back), 7 glasses, a roll of wrapping paper, a very discouraged Mommy, a tired Daddy, a disappointed Hannah, and a very exhausted Grant. Shortly after our thrilling trip, Mommy noticed they were back in stock. So, while we were in Bham at Kyle's birthday party, Daddy got two white beds and set my bed up in my room. And here it is. It's not just a bed. It's a bed that cost us time, emotional strain, thankfully NO money, and a few choice words.


Learning as we Live said...

sounds exhausting! It looks great though!

Bethany said...

Oh, the joys of Ikea. Buying their great, cheap furniture is such a fantastic idea in theory, but they NEVER seem to have what I'm looking for in stock! And, it's such an ordeal to go there! I'm glad it all worked out. I LOVE white beds. :)

Andry said...

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