Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in the 'Hood

Remember the Christmas tree Mommy and Hannah (and I give her minimal credit) did? Welp, this gingerbread house idea came from one of the toilet paper rolls. You know, the place where we pull the ideas out of? However, it didn't go as planned. Thankfully, I can take credit for participating to my fullest. Hannah cannot. She was more interested in eating the candy than decorating with it. Okay, so I enjoyed a little eating as well but at least I humored Mommy a bit and placed the candy onto the house before plucking it off to eat it. But, let's be honest. The whole house was a disaster. DISASTER. I'm realizing why Mommy never pursued a degree in architecture, or anything related to math of any sort. The poor house was falling apart even before we could add some bling to it. And folks, we're not talking about a structurally difficult house. We're talkin' gingerbread crackers. Mommy had to pull out her back up icing (again, couponing saved our day, thanks to free icing with a coupon). Hannah quickly lost interest. I did too. I just didn't show it. I added some candy to the ill-fated gingerbread house...for Mommy's sake. She needed some pictures. She needed this memory. And then, while she salvaged what she could, I ate off of what I could(distraction can work wonders for a sweet tooth like mine). In the end, we'd like to call our house the Ghetto Gingerbread House. And a new show: "Flip that Gingerbread House," will be coming to your homes next Christmas season. Our's will be the series premiere.


Liz Brookshire said...

You're such a fun mom, Jess! That house does make me laugh though :)