Friday, December 18, 2009

Get Your Praise On!

Thanks to Mrs. Mary, we've been able to get our praise on lately. It's like our own revival up in here. Grant and I have been known to "get jiggy with it" and this song allows us to do just that. And now, we have a trio. Yes, Ada has joined our revival. She contributes some special moves. It definitely adds to the production. And, we've also added some special flair. Ada is sporting Mommy's tutu from long ago. Mommy adjusted it to have suspenders. This allows it to stay up on little Ada. And me, well, you know what I'm wearing. It's my beloved pink ballerina dress. As for Grant, well, poor guy, he's got quite a cramp in his style. And, it's not his lack of flair I'm talking about. No, you guessed it, it's his hair. I'd like to let everyone know as of last night, he has a nice clean cut. Even Mommy was embarrassed by his out of control locks that she forced him to wear a hat when we went out in public. Luckily, Grant hadn't a clue. But enough of fashion talk. Let's get back to these awesome moves.

Mrs. Tutti, this larger font is for you. And for all those out there who've been squinting to read the blog. Hope this gives years back to your eyesight loss that may have occurred due to excessive squinting and straining.


The Noonan's said...

Love it! Glad to hear your house full of praise.

You can come any time and borrow the books and look at any of them. Just a warning - it is the real story of St Nick so it talks about his parents dying and him being left with money - not graphic detail but matter of factly. We will be home after i take Lucy to the DR at 2:30 this afternoon

LB said...

love it!!

Tutti said...

Thanks for saving my eye sight! Big hugs to you since I know you LOVE them!