Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mommy's Moment: My Newest Swagbucks Endeavor

Well, most of you saw on the blog awhile ago that I got almost all of Hannah's and Grant's Christmas for FREE because of wonderful Swagbucks. So, what's my latest Swagbucks endeavor? Well, I was storing up enough bucks to get Grant's birthday for free. This isn't until May. And, thanks to my adventurous sisters who braved the Black Friday madness at 12 am, I got the starter kit for GeoTrax for $14. So, hopefully by May I will be able to get a little something else to add to his beginning GeoTrax collection.

I had $10 in my Amazon account thanks to Swagbucks. Then, I saw a GREAT deal on my favorite blog, The two items listed above were on sale for $4.99 each. They are regularly $20 and since this morning have already returned to that price. I like to follow the blogger's advise from the above website and make purchases at a 75% discount. So, I snagged these two items for $9.98 which technically was free because of my $10 credit. I also had free shipping thanks to my free trial of Amazon Prime. I will miss you Amazon Prime. The animal one I will save as a gift for Hannah maybe for Valentine's Day. She's my animal lover and will love this gift! The other I will keep on hand as a birthday gift for a friend or family member.
My account should be replenished soon with $10 more and hopefully I can make a steady climb to around $40 to get one more piece to add to Grant's birthday gift.
So, have you joined Swagbucks? It's so great. Anyone who's followed this blog for a bit of time knows how much I've gotten just for searching the web. I've probably made close to $250. All you do is use them as your search engine. Every few searches you make, you earn Swagbucks. You trade these babies in for great prizes. Mine, of course, is the $5 Amazon gift card. It goes for 45 Swagbucks. The way you can earn more is when you get people to sign up under you. Then, you earn their Swagbucks too...up to 100. Thanks to all my friends who've signed up under me. It's been a tremendous help! If you want to join, click on my link below and start savin' up!
Oh, and did you hear about the $.50 Mr. Potato Heads? If you go to and print out the $2 off coupon for Mr. Potato Head and then grab a sales flyer from the Dollar General that has Mr. Potato Head on sale for $2.50 and take the coupon (not taken by The Dollar General) and the sales flyer to Walmart or Target (they price match) you'll get it for $.50! I grabbed two last night easily and only spent $1.35. I keep these in my gift closet to give as gifts for birthdays or Christmas gifts!

Search & Win


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