Thursday, December 10, 2009

While Mommy's Away...

So, as a previous post stated, Hannah and I can get into a little trouble while Mommy is getting ready. Today, well, today was one of those days. Mommy continues to underestimate my abililties. You see, we had a special treat this morning, cinnamon roll pretzels. So, imagine my surprise when I noticed one lone pretzel still sitting on the cookie sheet on the stove after breakfast. So, what did I do? What any caring, sweet loving, HONGRY boy would do. I grabbed a chair. I scooted it to the stove. And, voila, I grabbed that pretzel and began to munch. Then, Hannah had to go and ruin it. There she ran, up the stairs to tell Mommy. "Mommy, Gwant's eating a pwetzel!" Of course, Mommy caught me red-handed. I froze. I waited. But, to my surprise all she said between chuckles (I am a funny guy aren't I) was, share with Hannah and go eat it in the kitchen. Sure thing!
But, it gets better. After Mommy returned to dry her hair. I refused to share with Hannah. So, what did she do (not one of her proudest moments I'm afraid). She took the FAKE candy cane that I had pulled off of an ornament days ago. Yes folks, she bit the crook right off. Mommy took a picture to document it. Hannah proudly told Mommy she ate a candy cane. Mommy knows we don't have any candy canes. So after Hannah reminded Mommy of the candy cane I pulled off of the unfortunate snowman she raced downstairs to hope to be proven wrong. Sorry Mommy, I witnessed it with my own two wide eyes. I couldn't believe it myself. So, whose the crazy one? Hey, at least I ate something that is actually edible.
What can I say, while Mommy's away...Hannah and I will surely play....again.


LB said...

oh my word!! Did she swallow it? Wow. That's hilarious, Jessica.

Jessica said...

Uh, I think so.