Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

We know this is a bit late. However, we wanted at least one picture to document our Thanksgiving Day. And what a day it was. Mommy, Daddy, Grant, and I drove over to Birmingham on Thanksgiving. Grant was sick. It was a replay of last year's Christmas trip to Birmingham. Poor guy was miserable. Bad cough. Low grade fever. Runny/Stuffy nose. But, we perservered. I'm not sure Grant was too thankful that day. But, I was! I got to see my Grandma and Papa, my aunt Ashley, Maggie, and ALL the Sandersons. Here we all are "togedder." Though we didn't get much sleep thanks to an old, loud humidifier, a crying Grant, and a sensitive me we had a great time. The trip ended of course with me going home sick...fever, cough, runny nose. It was inevitable. I mean, Grant, Mommy, and I all slept in the same bed. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to and needed to (I'm speaking for Grant and myself...NOT Mommy...I think if she had it her way she'd be sleeping kid free). Daddy got the best end of the deal. He had to go back home Thanksgiving Day because he had to work. I'm sure he got the best sleep ever. We're just crossing our fingers that our trip to Birmingham next weekend will be sickness free. PLEASE. LET. IT. BE.


Groovers said...

great family picture, so cute!!! :)