Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Not-So Exciting Craft

Mommy had a brilliant idea. At least, she thought it was. We were going to make bees. Why? Because we were "studying" the letter B. Let's face it, Mommy was much more into this idea than Grant or I was. But, we humored her for a bit, painting the "bee." However, there's only so much bee painting we can do. We both stopped before the bee was completely yellow. And, I must say, we never returned to our bees. I'm not sure what happened. I guess when I responded with "no" everytime Mommy over-enthusiastically asked if I wanted to finish making my bee...she got the hint. Therefore, we have no after pictures. This was as good as the bee got. As for the letter B, well, I lost interest in it really fast too. BUT, thanks to an idea from Grandmama, (writing my letters in "sugar" a.k.a flour) I can now FINALLY write my own name. I'll post pics of that later because, well, we are almost two months behind on our picture posting.