Friday, August 20, 2010

The Prestigious Savannah Beach and Racquet Club

It's me, Grant or, as I call myself, "Ganc." This was my and Hannah's sleeping quarters at the prestigious Savannah Beach and Racquet Club (don't let the name fool you). Our room was nice, but nothing fancy as the name may imply. You can easily perceive this by looking at our bunking situation. . .a shipmate bunk minus the top bunk. . . in a hallway. Good thing Hannah and I are small...otherwise, this wouldn't have worked. But then again, did it? If I recall, the first night I found myself on the floor...the TILE floor to be exact after much wiggling atop this "bed." I am a wiggler at night. I like my freedom to move as I please. However, this arrangement wasn't conducive to my habits. My strong muscles managed to push the chairs away as I made my plummet to the ground. The hard ground. Needless to say, Mommy came to my rescue and after a quick recovery I found myself dozing off to dreamland in my shipmate bunk...with Hannah at my feet. Thankfully, this was the last time I fell out. This may be due to Mommy's readjusting of the chairs or the fact she woke up several times at night after hearing the chairs screech across the floor as my muscular body again tried to wedge itself between the chair and the "bed." Or it could have been my embarrassment that kept my body clear of the floor after Hannah had mindlessly yelled at me in her sleep to "be quiet!" after suffering my dramatic fall. Who knows. But Hannah wasn't exempt from accidents. Nope. I do recall her wetting the bed one night. And did I yell at her? No. In fact, I was still willing to sleep in the "bed" after her accident. Between the dramatic fall and the embarrassing bed wetting experience, I'd say our shipmate bunk was quite the place for some exciting adventures on our beach excursion.