Monday, August 30, 2010

Final Pictures

Don't be fooled...though this is our last post dedicated to our Beach 2010 trip...there are MANY more pictures. But we're all tired of posting them. Mommy just made a free photobook through Shutterfly, so if you're ever in the neighborhood and are DYING to see the rest of the pictures (which we know you are) then you can browse through that. We'll call this our farewell post to the beach. Some of the highlights yet to be mentioned from our trip:

Grant chasing bird after bird after bird on the beach.

Finding "sea shelves."

Getting Rudy (my new stuffed dog) and Blue Bear (Grant's new stuffed bear that matches is red stuffed bear) in Savannah. These were our treats Daddy let us get. What else do you think two stuffed animal lovin' kids would pick out for their treat? By the way, this is the first time EVER I've actually successfully named a stuffed animal. In the past it's been, "bear" "doggy," "baby," but I'm grown up now and grown ups give real names to their loved ones. So I hear.

Our van, "The Big Bad Wolf" getting hit in the grocery store parking lot.

Building sand castles before the tide washed them away.

Catching a fish and throwing it back in the water.

Watching out for jellyfish.

Drawing Jesus in the sand (we just may have to post this masterpiece).

And lots and lots of more fun in the sand and water!!

Can't wait to go back!


Jess said...

Jessica, you take unbelievably great pictures!!! Looks like the kiddos had a blast...I hate to hear it about the van.