Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Swagbucks and More

I haven't blogged lately about Swagbucks. Most of you are probably happy about that. But even though I'm not blogging about it, I'm still searching away and earning points that in turn earn me Amazon gift cards. Tonight I just finished up with Hannah's Christmas shopping using my Amazon gift cards. I ended up giving in to the Leapster craze and ordered her the Leapster 2 and a digital kids camera. I'm hoping the Leapster will help during her new "rest time." She's been loving their kids' laptop that, in comparison to Leapster, seems outdated now. And, I love anything educational and fun. However, it seems that my expectations for her new toys are often unmet as she shows disinterest in some of the things I think she'll love. So we'll see. Thankfully, out of pocket, I just put out $3.71 for these two items. I also snagged a toy microwave for her kitchen at the Target clearance sale for $5 as well as some stocking stuffers. So, I can say, I am COMPLETELY done with Hannah's shopping. Hooray!
How does this happen? Well, of course, through Swagbucks. I just search the web using their browser and earn points. Once I hit enough points, I get me a $5 Amazon card. Recently, I'm earning $10 a month. Obviously this doesn't go too far. But I have other methods too. I am a member of MyPoints. I click on emails and earn points. I also can get points by searching the web, doing online shopping via their site, and taking surveys. These points eventually translate into $25 Amazon gift cards. Honestly, I usually get 2 a year...maybe three. Finally, I've just started taking surveys through Lightspeed Panel. I get one or two a day. If I qualify for a survey and take it I get so many points. And, of course, these points turn into $25 Amazon gift cards. I have been doing it a couple of weeks and am already super close to a gift card. I'm thinking this may be my best earner. I usually will take a survey during the kids' naptime or at night. So, combine all of those together and I build up my Amazon gift card balance. I strictly use my gift cards for the kids...birthdays and Christmas. And, we don't buy a lot of presents (3 per kid and some stocking stuffers for Christmas). I've gotten in a groove with each of these outlets so it doesn't take ample time out of my day. If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) then you can click on the button below to get started. And if you're interested in MyPoints or Lightspeed Panel then let me know and I'll send you an invite.
I am thankful to be able to help out in little ways. It may not be much but it's nice to know when Christmas rolls around that we don't have to break the bank to get presents. . .especially now that we will have three little ones to celebrate with!

Search & Win


travelingstacey said...

Ok...I'd love to know more about this! I've been doing swagbucks, but I'm very slow. I have earned enough for one gift card...should I go ahead and get it, or wait until I have enough to "buy" several? I love the stuff you got Hannah! That's exactly the kind of thing Sophie would LOVE! I'd love to be able to get that for her for Christmas, too. We do the same thing...about 3 presents and stocking stuffers. Shoot me an email! Thanks!

LB said...

hey, will you send me an e-mail for lightspeed panel.

Gormangirl said...

Hi Jess! I do swagbucks to but would love to get more info regarding lightspeed & the other one mentioned in your post! Can you send me invites? (especially if you earn more points for inviting peeps)! Thanks! Hope you are feeling good- you look awesome in all of the beach pictures!

Jessica said...

LB and Shannon, I'll send you an invite(s) later today! Thanks friends!

Stacey...I'll shoot you an email!

Jess said...

Ok, I have got to get better about this! I have been lazy lately with just clicking my Bookmarks! Thanks for the motivation.