Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus!

The following day the pace didn't slow down. Mommy hosted a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party for Hannah's and Grant's friends. Just when I thought the chaos had ended, I awoke from my sound slumber to find about 10 (yes I'm good at counting) preschoolers and a few olders, racing around my house. Apparently, I have a new friend who's little like me too. Lincoln came but he and I slept, ate, and burped. We didn't have time to converse in all the hecticness. Maybe next year Lincoln. As for all those other jubulant kids, they listened to the story of Jesus' birth, made star ornaments, sang Happy Birthday, and ate cupcakes. Thankfully, Mommy ate a cupcake too so I could enjoy it several hours later. Thanks for thinking of me Mom!


Jess said...

This party was so cute and I think it really helped Micah this year understand that Happy Birthday Jesus is what it really is all about...the best gift we could ever be given is Him! Thanks for having us! Lincoln hate it he missed Kate. He also decided to sleep through Christmas Day entirely...except he had big plans in the middle of the night!